The festival in brief

Svenska Deckarfestivalen (The Swedish Crime Fiction Festival) is Sweden’s longest running festival for crime fiction and mystery litterature. Here are some quick facts in case you need to know us better in 10 seconds.

The 13th edition takes place 5-7 November 2024.

The festival includes international thrillers, whodunits, classic and innovatice police novels, horror, psycological chillers, action adventures, true crime, award winning youth fiction, fantasy and more.

A typical edition of Svenska Deckarfestivalen offers about 25 authors on the stage, mostly from Sweden but also from the other Nordic countries and from Europe and beyond. We always feature local authors, debutants and children’s authors.

Beyond conversations and interviews with authors about their latest books, the programme also includes lectures and seminars on law, crime and punishment, social issues and forensic techniques. Stage plays, film screenings and other types of ”crime entertainment” may also be offered.

The festival has special programmes for children and teens, such as a short story competition and authors visiting schools for lectures or Q&As.

Some authors who have been at the festival are David Baldacci, Richard Harris, Alexander McCall Smith, Andrew Child, Olivier Truc, Maj Sjöwall, Håkan Nesser, Arne Dahl, Lars Kepler, Sharon Bolton, Viveca Sten, Pascal Engman, Sophie Hannah, Anders Roslund, Sofie Sarenbrant, Thomas Bodström, Christoffer Carlsson, Emelie Schepp, Peter James, Tove Alsterdal, Hans Rosenfeldt, Åsa Larsson, Anne Mette Hancock, Dick Harrison, Jens Lapidus.

A non-profit association organises the festival in collaboration with publishers, independent authors, public institutions, educational associations and the local council.

Contact us by writing to info AT or by using the contact form.


From the 2019 edition. (Photo: Glenn Folkvord.)